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Class BreuschPagan

  extended by com.numericalmethod.suanshu.stats.test.HypothesisTest
      extended by com.numericalmethod.suanshu.stats.test.regression.linear.heteroskedasticity.Heteroskedasticity
          extended by com.numericalmethod.suanshu.stats.test.regression.linear.heteroskedasticity.BreuschPagan

public class BreuschPagan
extends Heteroskedasticity

The Breusch-Pagan test tests for conditional heteroskedasticity. The test statistics is computed by regressing squared residuals from the original regression against the original regressors (plus intercept). The test is a chi-squared test: the test statistic distribution is nχ2 with k degrees of freedom. If the Breush-Pagan test shows that there is conditional heteroscedasticity, it can be corrected by using the Hansen method, using robust standard errors, or re-thinking the regression equation.

The R equivalent function is bptest.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.numericalmethod.suanshu.stats.test.regression.linear.heteroskedasticity.Heteroskedasticity
N, residuals
Constructor Summary
BreuschPagan(LMResiduals residuals, boolean studentized)
          Perform the Breusch-Pagan test to test for heteroskedasticity in a linear regression model.
Method Summary
 OLSRegression getAuxiliaryRegression()
          Define the transformation of residuals.
 double statistics()
          Get the test statistics.
Methods inherited from class com.numericalmethod.suanshu.stats.test.regression.linear.heteroskedasticity.Heteroskedasticity
getAlternativeHypothesis, getAuxiliaryOLSRegression, getNullHypothesis, getX2, pValue
Methods inherited from class com.numericalmethod.suanshu.stats.test.HypothesisTest
isNullRejected, nGroups, nObs, oneSidedPvalue
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public BreuschPagan(LMResiduals residuals,
                    boolean studentized)
Perform the Breusch-Pagan test to test for heteroskedasticity in a linear regression model.

residuals - the Residuals object from an OLS regression
studentized - true if to use Koenker's studentized version of the test statistic
Method Detail


public OLSRegression getAuxiliaryRegression()
Description copied from class: Heteroskedasticity
Define the transformation of residuals.

Specified by:
getAuxiliaryRegression in class Heteroskedasticity
an auxiliary regression


public double statistics()
Description copied from class: HypothesisTest
Get the test statistics.

statistics in class Heteroskedasticity
the test statistics
See Also:
Wikipedia: Test statistic

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