SuanShu, a Java numerical and statistical library

Package com.numericalmethod.suanshu.number

Interface Summary
DoubleUtils.ifelse Return a value with the same shape as test which is filled with elements selected from either yes or no depending on whether the element of test is true or false.
DoubleUtils.which Decide whether x satisfies the boolean test.
NumberUtils.Comparable<T extends Number> We need a precision parameter to determine whether two numbers are close enough to be treated as equal.

Class Summary
DoubleUtils These are the utility functions to manipulate double and int.
NumberUtils These are the utility functions to manipulate Numbers.
Real A real number is an arbitrary precision number.
ScientificNotation Scientific notation expresses a number in this form x = a * 10b a is called the significand or mantissa, and 1 ≤ |a| < 10.

Enum Summary
DoubleUtils.RoundingScheme the available schemes to round a number

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